Menstrual Headache

By | December 15, 2016

Health tipsWhen a headache attacking us, it will annoy us and disturb our activity. Most people need time to take a rest to cure a headache. The causes of a headache are different among people. It can be the effect of some reasons. One of them is when a woman in her period.

A headache because of menstruation often happens. It makes women prefer to take a rest in the bedroom and it will change mood and emotion because of this condition. Pain in the head because of menstruation is called menstrual migraine. The big influence of this condition is because of the hormone estrogen. It causes a headache because it functions to active the brain. This menstrual migraine can be suffered for 1 to 2 days.

If the menstruation is running regularly, many people prefer to consume medicine to reduce the pain. However, if you still suffer from that condition, you must know and find the cause of the condition. Below are the causes of a headache when in the period.

  1. Unbalanced food

You mustn’t let your stomach empty because the glucose in the blood will be reducing and it can cause a headache when in the period. If it is necessary, you must reduce food and drinks which are too sweet because it tends to reduce the glucose in the blood.

  1. Lack of water

You must drink mineral water every day. If you are dehydration you will suffer from a headache. If you are in your period, it is suggested to consume mineral water more often.

  1. Lack of sleep

Don’t take too long and too short time to sleep. You must have a balanced sleep. The lack of sleep can cause a headache especially when you are in the period.

The another cause of a headache is food and lack of exercise. It is suggested to not eat coke and alcohol in your period. Also, don’t forget to do exercise to avoid a headache and keep your body fresh even in the period.

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