Game Review: Piano Tiles

By | January 11, 2017

Dodo HackPiano tiles 2 is an android’s game made from Cheetah Mobile. Cheetah mobile is a game developer from Beijing, China. This game is a new version from the old ones named piano tiles. This game focusing on an adroitness to touch tiles that shown on the screen. Go along with piano’s sound, playing this game is feels like playing a real piano. The method to play this game is so easy and simple. You just need to touch black side and don’t touch else side instead of the black. The tempo of the song is faster the more you play it. The various song makes it much better to play with.

The Best Android’s Game

Piano Tiles 2 was chosen in best of 2016 Google Play Store as the best game in 13 countries. Including Indonesia, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, United States, Mexico, and France. This list has been accurate by Google every year from various applications, games, and entertainment. Per-App Annie a mobile analytics platform, Piano Tiles 2 is number 1 in arcade sub-category. This game also popular in United States, South Asia, and South East Asia with more than 50 million downloads. In September 2015, this games placed in number five for free games category. More than Google Play Store’s user giving 2 till 5 stars in the review and comments box. The player is significant raising after a game youtuber, PewDiePie uploads this game review in his you tube’s account.

What makes it different from the old version is the new one had many various songs. You can choose your song that you liked. Every song has their own difficulty class. There are a slower song and very fast tempo. Some new songs couldn’t be played instead if we pay with coins. You can get unlimited coins in the game hack.

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