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Minimalist Elegant Interior Design Styles

Minimalist look of interior design styles is simple but sometimes boring. Some people still cannot accept the minimalist theme as the interior design and style of their house. Yeah, I know some of them are boring because it is like there is no art in it. If you want to have a good interior design.… Read More »

Applying Vintage Apartment Designs Perfectly

Do you want to live in an apartment which looks stunning in its vintage style? It means that these following tips about modern vintage apartment designs will help you to achieve what you want. When talking about vintage style, you might think about something coming from the last decade or such out of date furniture… Read More »

Roohome is the Best Partner in Decorating Room

Because of the developing of the internet access’ easiness, nowadays people have a choice to be an instant architect to decorate their own rooms. They do not need to pay a fee for decorating their home or apartment. No matter minimalist, trendy, or classic styles, the examples of the installation can be found in online… Read More »